Selge (Zerk)


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This mountainous town on the northwest of Side at the Eurymedon River (Köprüçay) is not situated on one of the main roads; this kept the city from experiencing any damage from invasions. The inhabitants of Selge acted as scouts for Alexander the Great on his incursion to the region. However, Selge was defeated by the forces of the Hellenistic Seleucid Kingdom in the conflict with the neighbouring town of Pednelissos (Kozan) in the 3rd century BC. Two Roman bridges link Selge to the port city of Side on the eastern shore of the Eurymedon River. The ancient road, built with extraordinarily large stone blocks accompanies the modern highway. Ruins show that the city was built on three hills surrounded by a wall with many towers. Among the places to visit is a theatre where most of the seats were hewn into the rock. Other sights of interest are the stadium, agora, cisterns, the stoa and the necropolis.
Nowadays restaurants on both sides of the river serve local dishes. The trout raised in local fish farms delight visitors to this region.


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