Niğde Kapadokya
Where the history and nature make you forget about the present …

Cappadocia is the name of the large region in the central of Anatolia covers five cities of Turkey or more specifically a smaller triangular area Urgup to Avanos and to Nevsehir. The strange but beautiful formation of Cappadocia has had this appearance for millions of years. When the volcanoes in the region were active, the lava which poured out covered all previously formed hills and valleys forming a high plateau. this newly formed plateau consısts mainly of tufa and some rare layers of basalt. The destruction of the tufa and the basalt layers by erosion (heavy rains and melting snow in spring) and sharp temperature changes has continued for thousands of years and is still in process today. The basalt is less affected by erosion when compared to the tufa and has served as a protective cover. These rock formations called fairy chimneys. There are also lots of rock cut churches in Cappadocia. Walls of these churches were covered with beautiful frescoes date from the 11C and 12C. Most beautiful examples of the churches in Göreme Open Air Museum. Enjoy the ancient history and wonderfull landscapes with us….

Price: up € 600 per person (2 nights at the hotel in Cappadocia)
NB:    discount for groups up 4 persons

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