Cornelia GC (NickFaldo)

Cornelia Nickfaldo Golf Course / 27 holes

Cornelia Golf Club Cornelia Diamond Nick Faldo Golf Course is built on a 14,000,000 m2 area that includes pine forests and sand ridges, offering a fantastic gaming experience. It is situated in a natural environment with lakes scattered throughout the course. The three 9-hole courses that connect to each other are the 72 par and 6,373 m King Course, 72 par and 6,411 m Queen Course, 72 par and 6,324 m Prince Course. These were all designed by the renowned six-time Major winner Nick Faldo. In 2008, the Cornelia Diamond Nick Faldo Golf course was chosen as Europe’s 14th best course and was selected among the 50 best golf courses in the world by Newsweek Magazine.

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