PGA Montgomerie GC

Montgomerie MaxxRoyal Golf Club / 18 holes

This course was designed by Colin Montgomerie, one of the most accomplished players the sport of golf has seen, on a 104 hectare property covered with pine forests and sand ridges, and which also carries his name. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Course was opened on 1 October 2008 and is challenging and gently sloping with numerous of strategic options. The natural sandy ground was taken into account when designing and laying out the course, and these features were maximally utilised. The 18-hole course 72 par course is 6486 meters, the tees are approximately 600 m2 per hole and the average per green is approximately 600 m2. The Montgomerie Maxx Royal course has 8 lakes on its grounds and its close location to the sea provides turkish and foreign golfers a welcome change from other golf courses.

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