Golf courses reopen with precautionary rules

On June 1st, 2020 Turkey Golf Federation allowed to start using the golf courses again.
Due to Covid-19, the relevant authorities published the list of the measures  for golf courses, for all employees and golfers in order to create a safer environment in terms of health, to be implemented by Turkey Golf Federation. The aim of the precaution package is to create applicable measures for all golf courses, without ignoring that different and additional local measures may be required due to the nature of golf clubs.
Some of these notices may not comply with the Golf Rules. Revisions made to the Golf Rules during this period were previously shared with the clubs. These changes will remain in effect until further notice. The measures to be taken were evaluated under the following main headings.
1. General structure of the Golf course
2. Before the game
3.During the game
4. After the game
5. General
1. General structure of the Golf course
a. Equipment for use on the course
I. All rakess will be collected from the fields.
II. All ball washing equipment will be covered and will not be used.
III. The benches on the course will be covered and a warning will be given not to use them.
IV. All non-fixed obstacles will be removed, except for piles that define the course areas.
b. Flag and flagpole
I. Flagpoles will be left in the pits and players will be warned not to touch the poles. Players do not have the option to make put by removing the flagpole during this period.
II. An apparatus will be made to remove the balls from the pit easily and without touching the hole, and this apparatus will be used on all courses operated by TGF.  The clubs have to buy this apparatus and should contact TGF for further information.
c. Training areas
I. In the driving range area, the stroke sections will be marked and it will be allowed to use one space.
II. Balls in the driving range will be given by club officials, players will not take balls from the machines during this process.
III. Training balls will be used only once a day and will be disinfected in the evening. The driving range will be closed when the previously collected balls are finished.
IV. No more than one player per hole will be allowed to train on the training green. Players approaching their start time will be given priority.
V. Players who want to train on the training green can only train with their own balls.
VI. Players will only be able to train with their own clubs on both the training green and the driving range. Rental clubs service will not be available during this period.
VII. Training bunker will be closed.
VIII. Care will be taken to maintain a social distance of at least two meters between players in all training areas.
IX. In case of hesitations about ensuring the social distance and hygiene elements at a high level, all training areas can be closed without prior warning.
2. Before starting the game 
a. For the safety of all employees and players, it is recommended to come to the course according to the previously made reservation (per telephone or online). 
b. The starting times will be arranged in 10-minute intervals. Players will be warned to keep at least 10 minutes between the groups. 
c. Buggies will be rented for one person. Players will not be allowed to share a buggy. Family members living in the same house are excluded. Buggies will not be given back to players without disinfection after returning. 
d. Trolleys will be rented only once during the day, after disinfecting in the evening, they will be rented again the next day. 
e. A caddy will not be allowed to enter the course. 
f. Towels and wet cloths provided for cleaning clubs and balls, will not be provided by the clubs. Players are recommended to bring their own ones in this regard. 
3.During the game 
a. Warnings will be made to maintain at least 2m social distance with other players. 
b. A warning will be posted to maintain a social distance of at least 2m in the starting areas. 
c. It will be reminded that a social distance of at least 2m must be maintained while walking or searching for a ball in the general area. 
d. Players will be warned not to share balls, tees, markers and other equipment between the players during the game. 
e. Warnings will be made to avoid touching abandoned balls on the field. 
f. Since the rakes on the sand bunkers have been removed, players will be asked to straighten the sand in the bunkers with their clubs or feet as much as possible. 
g. At least 2m social distance must be maintained while in the green. 
h. Score cards must not be exchanged and others' scorecards must be avoided. 
i. Although not in accordance with Rule 3.3b, players will be able to keep their own scores and no physical verification procedure (signature) will be applied.
j. If the player's ball has landed in the bunker at an uncorrected place (due to the rakes removed), the players may place their balls in the same bunker within 1 scorecard distance, provided that they do not approach the flag.
k. In cases where the players are required to give their scorecards to the Committee, it will be suggested that photographs be taken and sent to the Committee whenever possible instead of physical transfer.
l. Players will leave the flagpoles in place at all times and in all cases and will not touch the flagpoles. With the apparatus added to the total flag poles entering the pit, it will be removed with the help of clubs, again without touching.
4. After the game
Maintaining social distance after the game is as important as before and during the game. Players will be advised to leave the course as soon as possible after their game is over to avoid congestion in the clubhouse and other areas.
5. General
During this period, changing rooms and showers will be closed. It will serve within the framework of regulations published by official authorities in other matters. Everyone will be warned to wear a mask.

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